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 Lost Forever (Chapter 5)

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PostSubject: Lost Forever (Chapter 5)   Lost Forever (Chapter 5) I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 10, 2011 9:50 am

After I left the bar I went back to the tower building and look up to see if I could get single from any thing and when I found that there was one coming from a old government building I knew it was him. There are too many things that are happing around their then I look back at the computer screen and I seen that he went off line. Was that a bad thing or a good thing or maybe he lost power. I looked at the old map I pickup at the old house and looked at it. If I was thinking, right there will be another town in about 50 miles. The town was called Samvan.

Therefore, I started heading to Samvan. When I was walking, I seen there was a group of people walking together. I got a better look and seen was many bandits with two people one is a kid and the other one look like it was an older man. I started to follow them to see were they were taking the people. It has been three days and I am still following them. They haven even said were they were going but then on the forth night they went to a cave and in side the cave was about 80 bandits walking around. They put the people in a small cage. There was hardly any room for both of them. Then I look back hoping they would leave them alone until they were all sleeping. That time came when on of the bandit started some thing with the king bandit. All of them was watching them so I had a great time to go try to save them, when I got in there I tried to get the lock open but I couldn’t and the older man said to try the box on the table to find a key. When I looked in the box, I found the key and a handgun.

I went over and opened the cage and the last thing I could remember was the older man saying to get down.

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Lost Forever (Chapter 5)
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