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 Lost Forever (Chapter 3)

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PostSubject: Lost Forever (Chapter 3)   Lost Forever (Chapter 3) I_icon_minitimeThu Dec 30, 2010 10:21 am

I been walking and walking and still seen no bandits camps but then I seen a huge camp just around the corner. It looks like they were packing up. When I tried to get a closer look they saw me. Now I have over 10 bandits coming to me. Then when they were only five feet away from me one by one went down. I look behind me and it was the man in the bar.

He said that the place I was going to is Red cave. He also said that I would need help to get in it because there are wild dogs they. When we got to Red Cave there were lots of wild dogs. When we finally got in the cave was a Steel door like the one in the housing project. The man opened it and there the first thing I seen was there was no people I ask the man and he said that this place did not last 1 year people got crazy and kill there fiends and family. Then I told me that he was from here. He was to headmaster of this place. He told me the he knew that this place would never last. Then he told me the story of how the people went crazy.

We was so close of getting the network up long ago but then a Man named Zack Deleted all the data off the server. A years hard work and in an hour it was all gone. So we stared working on it again but something bad happened. It was one of the people working on the project found something that we was not for looking it was a document the told us what we were going to be if we got out of here. They would make us government Rats. So on night me and some other people got in a group and killed the headmaster. I took his pace because I was his son. I made the people still work on the sever and they finally got so angry at there work and starting to start fights with other workers and then they started killing people. Only 3 people survived and we all got out and when are own ways. I still what the network up. If he get a network up and running we People will fill safer and stronger.

He said we was getting closer to the server room he said there might be bandits in there. I asked him why would bandits need the data. He said they could sell it for food or guns. We walked in the server room and there was no one in there. He got the server do download a backup on a device it would take 12 hours. It was now dinnertime. So after we had are dinner we went to bed. It was morning when I got up and I look and it was done downloading and then I heard noises out side the room.
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Lost Forever (Chapter 3)
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