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 Lost Forever (Chapter 2)

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Lost Forever (Chapter 2) Empty
PostSubject: Lost Forever (Chapter 2)   Lost Forever (Chapter 2) I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 27, 2010 9:03 am

After studying the map I look out side and it was getting dark. So I went up stares and sleep on the bed. The night sounded so bad I heard screaming noises. Thank god that is morning its time to get ready to go to Chicago to find my brother. I don’t under stand why the ground is still brown. When I was walking I seen some thing in the distance it look like a settlement.

I was walking closer and something in a big suit said “hold what are you doing out here” and I was trying tell the thing that I was from the under ground housing place, It seemed like it didn’t care. After it let me pass in the settlement I asked a man that went by Old Harry the said it was a guard from the government, I went In a bar in the old settlement and asked the bartender if he seen my brother. He said to talk to that man in by the window.

When I went up to the man he knew who I was. He told me that my brother was trying to find a way that they can get a computer network up so people can get a hold of people if they were in trouble. The man told me that my brother was going to a place 15 miles away from her I showed me the map and he said that the map was from one of men that was helping him.

Its now dark again so I rented a room in the inn. It was around midnight and I heard lots of shooting and screaming. People were saying that the bandits are attacking. I looked out side and seen lots of people getting killed.

Now its morning and I am going to head out it were that place is so I can find my brother. One of the guards stopped me one my way out and told me that there were lots of bandit camps out this way.

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Lost Forever (Chapter 2)
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