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 Lost Forever (Chapter 6)

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Lost Forever (Chapter 6)  Empty
PostSubject: Lost Forever (Chapter 6)    Lost Forever (Chapter 6)  I_icon_minitimeFri Apr 08, 2011 7:05 am

When I woke up I seen that I was in another cage next the the people I tried to save. When I got to my lags a bandit came in the cage and said that the Boss wants to talk to me. So he toke me to see the Boss. Next thing I could remember is the Boss screaming at me saying why the hell I was following them and if I know the people they had.

Then the Boss said that they would not do anything to me if I just left and not came back but I said No. I guess that was the wrong thing to say. He said to take me back to the cage and then he would ask me again. So after they put me in the cage I was trying to find a way to get out and then thats when I say the broken bar in the cage. So I waited in till the night when all the bandits went to sleep and I broke the bar and then I made it out of the cage then I went to the peoples cage and opened it.

Next I told them that we had to get out with out alerting them all and thats what we just did. When we got out of the cave we went to a little place like a old gas station and they told me their story.

Hello we are the Blues Brothers gang. We are all over Illinois and we have the most of the guns out here. Why the bandits wanted us was well we are the two bosses and if we die or get killed the gang would be no more. Why you ask it well we take people that all most killed and bring them back to life and we will tell them that if they help us no one in Illinois will get hurt because we will save them. Thats why we are here too help people and tell them that we will fight till are death. We was one are way to are new hide out when the bandits jumped use. We had about 60 people with us and their was about 100 of them. We was the only one living after they attacked us. Then they took us to the cage. Then you showed up and saved us. You probably would want to know about the kid yes he is a kid one of the bosses just like me. He was very little when this father died in front of him when he got kill by and attack to his village. The last thing he told me was to keep the Gang and make him one of the Bosses. I showed him every thing he knows. Its been 60 years after that happened. But I know that my end its coming to a end soon I'm 81 years old and an 81 year old man is not suppose to be out killing things. He hardly ever talks to anyone anymore. But we are still wanting to know why you came to save us.

I told them that it was because you might know something about my brother. Then they told me that they met my brother just after they got jumped
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Lost Forever (Chapter 6)
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