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 Lost Forever (Chapter 4)

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Lost Forever (Chapter 4)  Empty
PostSubject: Lost Forever (Chapter 4)    Lost Forever (Chapter 4)  I_icon_minitimeSun Mar 06, 2011 12:52 pm

I woke the man from the bar and said that there was something out side of the room. He said to get the data and follow him. I went to get the data and then i look at him and he was moving lots of shelf's for a wall.

I went to him and he said that there was another way out that was used for the network. After he got the passage opened a bandit came in and started shooting at us luckily we got in the passage in time for the door to close. We followed the narrow passage all the way to the end of it and their was a stair way going up to a room with lots of computers. Then he opened the door that lead outside and in front of us was a big tower he said it was used to get other files form other housing projects.

We was heading back into the town and we heard there was a strange man came and asked about the man from the bar and then left. The man from the bar said it was one of his men that got some data.

When we got back to the bar when we opened the door to it. Two bandits came up to use and asked if we knew anything about the data that was toke from the server. They also told us that a war was coming. The man from the bar said to get out of his face or it would get ugly and they did. Both me and him sat at a table and he told me his name. His name was Randy A Jackson the son of are president. I asked him why he never told me before and he said that people would start to know who you are.

I asked him why he said that and then the told me the story of how him and my brother got in to fight and that's why he is not here at the time. He said that my brother said that knew how to set the network up but he needed to know if he would be OK if he set it up in the bar. That's when Randy got mad and started to scream and that's when my brother went to set it up some place else. Randy told me that my brother had a old computer with him. Randy also said he would be in a place that was a main city building or something like that. After he gave me some thing I set off to find him.
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Lost Forever (Chapter 4)
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