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 Lost Forever (Chapter 1)

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PostSubject: Lost Forever (Chapter 1)   Lost Forever (Chapter 1) I_icon_minitimeFri Dec 24, 2010 10:05 am

I have been down here for eighteen years. Its time for me to go look for my brother but now the master will not let me go out. I don’t know why what’s so bad out side only ten bombs fall in the major cities. We are not even by a major city I heard we as 35 miles form Chicago. To night I’m going to get put in a cell my brother was in so I can see if he left a note or something.

My best friend Jane she’s been here for me after my brother left. Now we are in the cell we look all over the cell until I fond a hole in the wall. In the hole was a peace of paper and it look like my brothers hand writing. It said to open the vent in the power center. So after we got out of the cell we went sight to the power center. In big vent we saw light. I told Jane to stay were she was. I crawled to the light it was out side then someone seen Jane standing near the vent door. Jane just told me go on and fined my brother.

When I was getting closer can closer I could fill the heat of the sun finally when I got out of the vent I seen a little door. When I got to the do and opened it I seen a latter and went up. When I finally got to the top and opened the hatch my eyes were burning I could not see anything.

The first thing I saw was the ground was brown not green. Then I saw an old house in the distance. That might be were my brother is. But when I got in there nothing just some combat knifes and guns. I toke them just in case if I ran in to anything but then on my way out I seen a map that had writing on it. The writing was hard to read but I think it said the person was going to Chicago. So that’s were i'm going next I guess.
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Lost Forever (Chapter 1)
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