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 Lost Forever (Chapter 8)

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Lost Forever (Chapter 8) Empty
PostSubject: Lost Forever (Chapter 8)   Lost Forever (Chapter 8) I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 19, 2011 9:46 am

So my brother got his men to take me out of the fire station. Then that’s when I started telling people what he was doing. They all looked at me and thought I was lying. But they didn’t believe me until they seen the nuke and by it was not only my brother and The Blue Gang. I ran and tried to stop them but they just pushed me away.

But when they stop it was at the Airport. My brother was making a speech and then a lot of planes came by dropping people out of them. Then that’s when I seen the Guy from the bar. The last thing heard was my brother screaming to set it off. That’s when the war started on of the people from the plane gave me a gun and told me to shoot it at the people. That’s what I did. The war lasted about a hour and then that’s when I was getting closer to my brother and then I seen my brother get his head shot off of his body. Then I seen someone from the plane throwing something to me and he said to replace it with the Warhead. So I ran to the nuke and replaced it with the Warhead.

After that every one stopped fighting. But the people from the planes were celebrating. Then a huge plane was landing. The man from the bar came up to me and shocked my hand and told me that I did a good job and told me his name. This name was Tommy Blackfoot. He said that they been trying to stop my brother for a long time he has been working on a Warhead for a long time that is why he went out of the Housing Project and if anyone knew that he would have had to been killed. That is why I went with you to that old one to try to find info on the network about him. He also said this day would make history books.

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Lost Forever (Chapter 8)
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