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 Lost Forever (Chapter 9)

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PostSubject: Lost Forever (Chapter 9)   Lost Forever (Chapter 9) I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 23, 2011 10:03 am

So they said they will have a celebration at DC to show how brave it was. So I got on one of their planes and we went to DC. They told me that DC is lot more dangerous then Chicago. They also said I would meet the President.

When we got to the airport the plane landed and we seen a army truck waiting for us. We all got on the truck to take us to the white house. When we arrive the president was waiting for us. When we got out of the truck he came up to me and said thank you for doing what I did. Then he went back to the Whitehouse. We went in to the Whitehouse but for a good place that looks good on the outside of it didn’t look that great inside.

I asked Tommy why DC looked lot better than Chicago he said “ The President was at Chicago at the time and somehow Russia knew what time the funeral was.” Your brother helped us a little bit by making a warhead. We went in the president office and sat down. Then the President started talking.

Hello I’m am your president and you will obey all my laws. But I don’t think I would have to worry about that. What you done so far I can trust you. So my name is James PetFoot. I was Jackson's Vice President before he died. You did a very great thing for us you didn’t put your family first that’s good you are very lucky that you did. I would like to tell you a secret that you can’t tell anyone. We are working on a recover group to put in the settlements all around the states. It is now good time to get people out of the housing projects well at least the ones that are still out there. Then when we get that done we can get them to work on a new missile so we can take out Russia for good. So are you in or are you out?

I ask the president why he would do such a thing and he got very mad at me and said.

WHY the HELL do you ask me of that have you seen what they did to us?

I said aren’t we support to help people out we are the USA we are free why would you want to kill even more people. If we start killing more people the human population will be so low we can’t get it back up. Well I guess I will agree to help you just to see my friend. I said if you dare do anything to her I will come back and kill you. The president then said.

If she helps use the yes I will agree to that.

I said no she will not help you and your horrible plans. Then Tommie came in saying something happened at the testing site. The president then asked what happened and Tommy said.

Some people are their trying to take it over they killed almost all of are men we have to do something. They have lot more power than we do.
Well if they get it they get it. There is nothing we can do about it because we need the men here to keep us safe. That was the last thing I heard then I seen a big light. Too hard to see what it was?

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Lost Forever (Chapter 9)
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