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 The Call of Magic: Horns of War - Introduction

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PostSubject: The Call of Magic: Horns of War - Introduction   The Call of Magic: Horns of War - Introduction I_icon_minitimeFri Jan 07, 2011 10:25 am

I've been thinking about this story for a while now and just gotten around to typing it out and such. Please tell me what you think of it and sorry but it would not put the tabs in where they should be so you'll have to read without the tabs lol.


It was the 1272nd year of the Imperial calendar. The Imperial province of Azgerelieth is at war with the nation across the sea called Angard. With Azgerelieth loosing their ground every day and thousands of orcs lead by their mysterious sorcerer masters, it is only a matter of time until Azgerelieth falls before the legions of the new Hordic nation. Since the elder days in the early years of the Empire, the Hordics conspired to take control over the known world. Their knowledge of the other realms is infinite. It is second year of the Hordic War, and Azgerelieth is loosing.

“Sire, please rest,” exclaimed Eldric’s servant. “We won’t have you sleeping in the middle of tomorrow’s counsel!”
“I’m sorry Selvan, I just can’t sleep well with these new visions. We have so little time to find him,” answered Eldric, the holder of the 2nd seat of the Mage’s Guild high counsel. “Ahh well, perhaps the meeting tomorrow will help calm the tension behind this.” At that Eldric laid down on his bed and rested.

Eldric was still thinking of what he envisioned in his private study that past night. Now, with the Hordic forces coming closer to the border of the already occupied southern wastes and the Gibis River that separate it from the lands around the city of Angle, a special counsel meeting has been called to order. Perhaps they would reach a decision on how to organize the mages in the south to better defend the border. Anyways Eldric was running late. He quickly hurried down the stairs of the Mage’s Guild Academy within the Grand Imperial City. He was nearly 98 and his age was starting to catch up with him. His long, white beard nearly reached his waste. His long, silver robe flowed over each step as he raced down to the meeting.
At last he pushed aside the doors to the counsel chambers and entered into the grand, domed-ceiling room. Eldric quickly took his seat before the large circular table at which seven other mages sat. The others simply sat in their red-cushioned chairs and watched as he was seated.
“Ahh so we are all hear I see. Let us begin,” started the Archmage, only his mouth and lower face visible beneath the white and gold hood. “We have important matters to discuss concerning the defenses in the southern lands. With only three garrisons stationed around Angle, it is likely that a major force could easily break through and ravage the lands. If Angle falls then it will be much more difficult to gain a foothold to defend from upon the open plains. I was considering the idea that it might be more beneficial if more battle mages were stationed with the current garrisons. I will also be consulting the Minister of Defense about the addition of more troops and the construction of better forts. Are there any objections?”
At once the other seven mages said “Nay” in unison.
“Good! Then did you happen to have another vision last night?” the Archmage’s hood turning towards Eldric.
“I did,” replied Eldric. “I witnessed a man standing upon the ruined walls of a city with torn, bloodstained, commoner’s clothes. Around him were the bodies of Imperial soldiers and Hordic forces alike.
“Did you see his face? Perhaps if we have a face we can find him!” exclaimed the Archmage. “He may be the one who was said to come out of ruins and shadow.”
“His face was shrouded in shadow for the sun beat against the back of his head. It believe it may be an omen of…” At that moment an Imperial messenger burst into the room, interrupting Eldric. The messenger was clad in chain mail and wore a tabard with the Imperial crest upon his breast.
“Sires! The horns or war have blown on the shores of the Gibis! Their legions are upon us!”
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The Call of Magic: Horns of War - Introduction
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