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 Nightmares chapter 1-2

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PostSubject: Nightmares chapter 1-2   Nightmares chapter 1-2 I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 02, 2010 9:24 am

Chapter I
"The howling. Oh yes the howling. I was running through the woods claw marks all over my chest. My shirt was ripped to shreds." I paused to think, to remember. I was in a psychiatrist office describing these dreams I've been having... no these dreams that I have are more like nightmares. When I gathered my thoughts I started describing it again.

"The howls started getting louder so I ran faster. All of a sudden a huge mass bit my arm. I looked and saw two huge amber eyes looking back at mine. He said something in a low gruff voice as if he was growling the words."

"What did he say?" Dr. Calos asked. She was the psychiatrist. Dr. Hannah Calos is trying to make sense of these nightmares. I went back to the dream.

"He said something like, 'We are now one and I'll live in you until the day you die,' I don't fully understand it."

She was about to say something but her phone rang. "I'm sorry but I have to take this."

"Take your time." Once she was out of the room I started thinking about what's all happend in the past week. The first day I woke up somewhere in Nebraska. Then a strange couple took me in. A couple days later I was taken here. I have a strange tattoo on my right hand. its a black moon with a black paw print. I went to the doctors here. They either said I got drunk one night and got it. Which sounded good but 1 thing I am allergic to alcohol. The other thing they said was a birthmark is just coming up. Which just sounded ridiculous. Those amber eyes still haunt my dreams.

Dr. Calos was taking a long time to talk on the phone. My world famous curiosity got the best of me so I walked up to the door. Htis is what I heard it started out as meaningless chatter that I couldn't understand because it was scientific language. Then the chatter stoped immediately. She had on speaker phone so I could hear easily.

"How's our little subject Ms. Calos?" A deep voice asked just the sound of his voice sent a chill down my spine.
"He's making progress sir."
"How old is it?"
"The boy Hannah the boy," He sounded annoyed. Wait a second he referred me as an it. Dr. Calos probably isn't even a doctor. I continued listening.
"15 sir." she finally said.
"Three more years and he'll be a fully mature one. He laughed a laught that still haunts my thoughts to this day. There was only one question that was making it hard to think: One what? Calos was walking back to the door so I ran back to the chair and acted like I was "resting my eyes." When she walked in I acted surprised.

"Stevie you will be escorted to your room now." She said with that pasted on smile.

My "room" was more like a holding cell. Barred doors, very few windows that are electrified, about 20 locks on the doors, 2 guards outside, and cameras really say 'home sweet home' to me. Two huge guards came in and escorted to my room.

In the living area there is a T.V. (not very big), 1 sofa and 3 big chairs, 12 doors on the opposite wall leading to identical bedrooms, vending machines, and 5 windows. The rooms are made up of a bed, a door that leads to a bathroom and a shower, one barred window, and a dresser. The living area and the bedrooms are made of ebony bricks (in case you don't know what those are they are just pitch black bricks).

I went to my cell... I mean my bedroom. Opened up my "dresser" which looks like a hunk of wood. it looked like it was made by a bad craftsmen. I opened up the top dresser and slowly took out a t-shirt and some jeans and laid them down neatly on a little table in the corner of the room. I took off my shirt and looked at my scar on my chest.

The start of the scar was on the very corner of my left shoulder and down diagonally to the mid section of my ribs. I don't remember how I got the scar. I first saw the scar when i woke up in the woods and the Tekubei's took me in. I thought back. I took their last name becase i thought they were goinng to be my family and because couldn't remember my own. They also had a daughter Milei She was a little bit young than me. She and I got close like brother and sister. When I left it had to be in the night so then she wouldn't be up to see me go. I wonder what she's doing? I got into my cot and went to sleep.

Chapter II
I woke up later that night because I heard a noise that sounded like someone tripping over a chair. I peeked outside my door.

There was two men, one was about 5'3 and asian and the other was African American and about 6'0. "Alright now what do we need to do?" The American said.

"Attack boy kill if need be." The chinese man said obviously just starting to learn english. I got scared what else would be the logic thing to do. Something inside me started to stir. I felt my body getting bigger and... hairier. I looked at my hands, the fingers turned to claws. I looked in the mirror. The face was starting to look wolf-like, my eyes were different. They were still hazel but had a black cross going all the way down and across on the iris. Plus it had a red dot were the pupil should be.

The men were now just sitting in the chairs. My body was slowly getting bigger. I felt my shoulders getting broader, my muscles getting bigger and a... tail? Yes a tail was growing.

"What was that?" The American asked. He walked slowly to the door I could hear him, smell and see him. The hunter was to become the hunted. Right when he opened the door I lunged at him. The man was at least 250 lbs of pure muscle but I was still bigger. Once he slammed onto the ground I jumped up and tackled the asian, who was at least 154 pounds of muscle, with super speed. I grabbed him by his head and smashed his head against the wall. The body fell with a thump and landed in a grotesque position. I turned around the American was getting up. He plucked up his gun and started firing the AK-47.

The bullets were just boncing off. After a while I heard a repeated clicking noise. I smiled at and snarled. He reached into his jacket and pulled out a dagger with electricity coming off of it. He lunged at me I nailed him in the stomach causing him to fly into the wall but his dagger hit my arm and it actually hurt me. I looked at him. He started getting up but I hurridly grabbed him and ripped off his head. All of a sudden 4 guards came in with electric guns the same kind of material of the dagger. They all shot at me at the same time. I started running towards the wall I did something I never thought possible for me... a wall-flip. A wall-flip, if you don't know what it is, is when you run towards a wall put you foot on the wall and jump off of it and flip in the air. I landed on the table in the middle of the room and immediately after I landed I lunged at the guards. I land on on one of them crushing his chest. I grabbed another one and pile drived him head-first straight into the ground. He hit the ground so hard so hard it cracked the concrete and left a two-inch deep hole in the ground where his head hit. The other two got me in the back with their guns. I felt the worst pain I ever felt. It took me most of my strength just to stay conscience. They shot more at me at me hittnig my chest and my neck. I felt my body forming back into human. I looked up into the masks of the guards. They kinda look like Darth Vader's mask except with red or blue eyes. I eventually only saw black.

Meanwhile in the control room of the Facility.

"Sir we found the weakness of the boy." Pvt. Jenkins said looking at the President of the facility Robert K. Delbar via Videofeed.

"Good, and the girl, is she ready?" He said looking at the young Private with his different colored eyes a fiery red and an icy blue.

"No sir her powers won't fully mature for about another week."

"Is it true that her and the boy are actually brother and sister?"

"Not completely sir they are only 97% siblings." The President started chuckling. "Sir?"

"Jenkins when the girl's power matures go to the Tekubei's and (cough) dispose of them."

"Yes sir" The yong man saluted and shut off the feed.
"Soon young Sero your special ability will be mine to control."
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Nightmares chapter 1-2
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