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 Angels Chapter 3.

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PostSubject: Angels Chapter 3.   Angels Chapter 3. I_icon_minitimeSun Nov 27, 2011 7:05 am

Alright members of Otakutech forums i'm gonna start this a little different. I want you to voice your opinions on this book so far. Just comment.

Chap 3...

I woke up with a start. I turned on the T.V. I was surprised with what the news said: "We are live here from the asylum here in Los Angeles becasue a very dangerous criminal has just escaped." I knew subconsciously of who that criminal was. "Yes you heard it right.l Trinity Belmont, or the Parent Trap as some people came to call him, has escaped the used-to-be inescapable prison."
I felt my hands crow numb, my body felt non-existent. "This can't be true, it's...impossible." I knew I had to get my mind off of this horrifc news. I also knew I had to get ready for school. I got ready, walked out the door and rand towards the school.
The school was large in every aspect. We had at least 10,000 kids and 10 different buildings with 5 rooms in each building. Each room held 200 kids and the room was college classroom styled in design. And all of the classes were in the room. My room was 10b which meant the tenth building and the secondr room.
As I walked into the class I saw my beautiful friend Isabella Promise. Her brown hair going down to her shoulder. Her green eyes looking solemn but yet still having a kind of glow to them. She ran to me and gave me a hug.
"Al did you hear the news this morning?" She said enthusiastically.
"Unfortunately." I said disappointed at her enthusiasm.
She bowed her head a little, "sorry, but its wierd don't you think? I mean the L.A. Asylum was inescapable until now." While she was going on and on about the Trinity incident I felt the searing pain in my shoulders. "So are you going on another patrol tonight?" She said a little quieter.
"Maybe, I don't really know. people are starting to identify me. My name was forgotten but a girl last night knew my name and history."
"Its not much history. Only 10 years ago since..."
"Last night was the 10th anniversary of Mom and Dad's murder."
"Do you think-" She began to ask.
"I don't know. But it is quite unnerving." She sighed after I said this. "What?"
"I just think of you living on your own. Your lonely I know but I wish I was with you and cure that loneliness." She said. I knew her homelife and it wasn't good. Her father, my boss, was a heavy drinker. I was usually his ride home. He would attempt to beat her and I would stop him sometimes even to the point I have to knock him out.
"My life is dangerous. I'm still waiting for the police to break down my door, arrest me, and possibly put ME in the asylum." I looked away.
"Yeah, but they haven't yet so..."
"Your mother would kill me."
"Not if I convince her." She put on a mischevious smile.
"What? That I'm rich and my pig troth of a house is actually a penthouse in the Hills?"
"OK lets go with Plan B."
"What's Plan B?" I asked.
"Just go to your house."
"Well, I'm going to need either a pay raise or another job and we both know that neither of those are going to happen."
"Steal." I just stared at her.
"And what then? Give the police a reason to arrest me?"
"Sorry." I let out a deep breath. The bell rang and the teacher stood in front of the class.
"Alright class you won't need your books today for history. There has been an update on the news about the escape." Trinity, I thought my neck muscles tensing, my anger rising, and finally my fear escalating.
Isabella put her hand on mine reassuringly. "Ms. Promise is there a problem?"
I shout up and yelled, "You bet there's a problem!" The whole class jumped as the words echoed in the room.
"And what, Mr. Richards, is the problem?"
The school is still going even though a blood driven maniac is on the streets."
"And how is that a problem?" He asked with a chuckle.
"Mr. Kazinagi the maniac is Trinity Belmont. He's been cooped up for 10 long years that just made him more crazy and blood thirsty than before. HE won't just kill the parents he'll kill as many people as he can." The teacher just looked at me with a blank stare. Everyone else was worriedly whispering.
"And how do you know? He could've stayed with just killing parents." The teacher said, trying horribly to get the class to calm downall 198 kids (minus me and Izzy) stopped whispering.
"Common sense really. I mean if you were alone and as crazy as he was, then what's going to happen if your alone with only your thoughts for 10 years?" I didn't want to say the true reason. I have a secret that could change how everyone looks at me. The secret was horrible to think about even. Trinity Belmont's now more deranged than he was...and he was coming for me. A flashback went back to that night as Trinity was walking out. 'Don't worry little one your time is near.' that's what he said to me.
My shoulder blades were starting to burn like acid. I sat down as the teacher off the lights and turned on the smartboard. The L.A. was on like usual since its a 24-hour news channel. The anchorperson was standing in front of an apartment building...the one next to mine.
"We are here at the third crime scene where it is believed Trinity Belmont has struck. I'll tell you viewers Trinity is a lot more brutal than before. AS we show you the pictures of the bodies the weak-stomached should look away." As the showed the bodies I felt sicker and sicker. Isabella put her head, crying, into my chest. I was whispering to her trying to make her feel better.
"It's not the people who died, Al you could've been one of those people." She stared at me as a picture of a body pinned to the wall with nails through the hands and feet. I started getting nauseaus. I felt another wave of blinding pain go through my shoulders and I passed out.
The last thing I heard was Isabella screaming my name.
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Angels Chapter 3.
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