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  Three Warning System

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Sam Fix
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 Three Warning System  Empty
PostSubject: Three Warning System     Three Warning System  I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 08, 2011 3:35 am

All the post you make we review them. If we see one of the post is from some other site we will give you Waring 1. We will send a email to you and tell you that we found this on another site. The only way we won't give you a warning to you if you give the credit to the Author in the post or a link. After the email you still do it we will send you another email with Warning 2 that if if you post another post you will get banned for a month. In Warning 3 is the ban stage. You will be banned for a month from the day after the post. We will not send a message to you. The last week of the ban you will get a message from us telling you that you have a week left and if you post another post that you will be banned for a year.

Also I would like to say that no copying peoples work on here. If we find out That someones post is on another site and we find out who posted the it will be banned for 2 years.

Nick Fortag
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Three Warning System
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