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 Lost Forever II The Pay Back (chap 1)

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Lost Forever II The Pay Back (chap 1) Empty
PostSubject: Lost Forever II The Pay Back (chap 1)   Lost Forever II The Pay Back (chap 1) I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 05, 2011 11:35 am

So we are getting close to the little settlement. But Old Man Jack said that it was too hard to land the plane close to the town. So we landed an old baseball filed. The when I was going to get out he gave me a pistol. He told me that some people here would not like what you did to your brother.

So I left Old Man Jack with the plane. Now its time for me to head to the housing prI just hope Jane still remembers me. I just hope she will come with me. Were the housing project was is now a big medal door. So I decided to go around to the place that I got out of. That was there so I removed the little medal vent and started going down the latter.

When I got down their every one was dead. The placed look very bad their as blood all over the place like someone came in here with a RPG and just shot it. So I decided to go look for Jane’s body. If she was here when it happened. Then I started heading to the science lab and then I heard voices. It was Jane and some one else. It sounded like a man. Then when I got closer I seen it was the man I first met when I left here. It was Old Harry and then I looked closer he was not the only man in their. The other man I didn’t know who he was but they wanted something that Jane had.

What ever it was she was not going to give it away. So I went in and then that last thing I knew was I heard a big gun shot.

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Lost Forever II The Pay Back (chap 1)
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