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 Angels Chap. 2

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PostSubject: Angels Chap. 2   Angels Chap. 2 I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 26, 2011 9:40 am

When I got home, a rundown apartment, I had some mail lying on the floor. The first letter was from the plice telling me to stop the vigilante crap, the second was my paycheck from the local movie theater "The Labrynth" and the last letter was the rent bill. I looked back out the window, making the same wish I've wished for the last 10 years, to become a bird and fly freely to wherever I please. I layed down on my bed and went to sleep.

In the L.A. Asylum...

"Trinity Belmont hasn't eaten anything in days." Sgt. Russell said.
"Wonder what's he thinking ain't ya?" The new kid said.
"Yea but we can't force him to eat. The man has attempted to escape several times and has almost succeeded everytime." they looked into the cell with a single l\ght shining over Trinity, his blonde hair long and almost like fire dancing from his head. He has been in the same pain for two weeks now. His shoulder blades feeling like they were about to explode. He continued his smile regardless of the pain. He would laugh every once in a while. His arms feeling strained conderng his wrist shakles were connected to chains which were in turn connected to an electrical device that was on the ceiling 25 feet above. The electrical device would send 25 volts of electricity everytime he moved. His shoulders felt like they were...peeling. Something was coming out and it felt like wings???

The guards 10 feet above were yelling profanities. He caught a glimpse of the wings. The were grey speckled with white. He felt different somehow. Stronger was the word that came to mind. He pulled his arms closer together causing the chains to slowly but surely break apart. He laughed maniaclly as he started flying, slow and clumsy at first but got the hang of it, towards the guards.

"Well gents. I am proud to announce that I'm back in action." He threw the guards like paper wads towards the electrical walls on the other side of the cage. He instictively put his hands together creating a fire ball that blew a hole in the wall. He laughed as he flew out of the hole

He finally escaped the cage that has kept him inactive for so long. Now he is ready to give life a second chance...his way. Nothing can stop him now.
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Angels Chap. 2
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