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 Angels- Prologue and Chap.1

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Angels- Prologue and Chap.1 Empty
PostSubject: Angels- Prologue and Chap.1   Angels- Prologue and Chap.1 I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 23, 2011 10:06 am

500 years ago in an unnamed land 6 people were chosen to become an "angel" as the local tribes called them. Disastor struck when 4 of the 6 became evil. War broke within the skies as the angels fought to the death.
Eventually, the war stopped and the last angel before he passed said these words: "We shall return in new forms and thou shalt not recognize us."

Now 500 years into the future a small boy of 6 years walked downstairs only to see his parents standing up and looking at a gunner. His blue eyes wild and insane. The boy's parents were pleading with the psychopath. He just laughed and shot them both.
He saw the small boy. This gunowner, Trinity Belmont, was only about 9 years old. Trinity just walked out into the rain laughing.

10 years later...
Los Angeles, the city of Angels, I laughed to myself. For an angelic city its pretty devilish. I jumped onto another rooftop. Looking out into the street, I saw the usual in this part of town: People muggin, shooting, stabbing, and ultimately killing other people. I feel like Batman avenging the death of my parents by helping others. My parents were killed by a psychopathic child. He's been in an asylum for 10 years now. I heard a scream and I jumped towards the street below me. A girl, a fancy clothes wearing girl with brown hair was running.

Great, I thought. I sighed and picked up a rock. She was being chased by 3 guys. I threw the rock, it whizzed right past her head and hit one on the forehead. I unlatched one of the swords I have placed on my back. I swung it out just in time to cut another man on top of his head. The last one stopped and looked at me like a child does when he gets a new toy.

"Yeah what are you looking at?" He jumped when I talked. I lunged at him and hit him in the stomach followed through with an elbow to the chin, and ending with a karate chop to the throat killing him almost instantly.

The woman crept uneasily towards me. "Thank you." Her voic was proper and she was probably about 17 years old.

"Your welcome. You need to be more careful, a little thing like you wouldn't've survived too long if I didn't interfere."

"Yes I would the police-"

"Don't exist here anymore. There used to be a couple of patrol cars around this part of L.A. but well they ended with the same fate you almost had."

"What's your name?"

"Allan Richards."

"Wait a second your parents are-" I already started to vanish. I've learned alot in the 10 years of lonesome. Ninjitsu, how to use two swords basically the way of the ninja.
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Angels- Prologue and Chap.1
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