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 Lost Forever (Chapter 10)

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PostSubject: Lost Forever (Chapter 10)   Lost Forever (Chapter 10) I_icon_minitimeSun May 01, 2011 12:24 am

I asked the president what was the testing site and he said it was the missile silo. That they would be using to bomb Russia when they got more warheads. I asked him were this was located and he would not tell me were. I was thinking if I got their after he released the people from the housing project then I could destroy it but are the people their trying to keeping it out of the president hands or are they going to use it against us.

So I was talking to Tommie after I left the president's office. I asked him if I could use a computer for a moment. He said sure but I would have limited rights to do things. So after I got on the computer I was looking to the old articles hoping to find were the silo was and after 3 hours I found it. It was just out side of Las Vegas. When I seen that I was thinking how the hell am I going to get to Las Vegas. Then I went out side and starting looking for a person that can fly a plane. I thought I I could find someone that knew how to fly we could break in the airport and take a plane.

So I walked all the way down town DC and starting asking some people if they knew anyone that could fly a plane and they said try Old Man Jack that lived in a old computer store. I went there and went in side it and I found Old Man Jack. I asked him if he knew how to fly and if he could take me to the old settlement I first went to get to the housing project and then Vegas. He said he will take me if I could get him in the airport. He said he would pack his things and we can go.

We started heading to the airport he said we could try the back way in and see if their was guards their. Their was now guards their so w headed in that way and Old Man Jack said to go to the hanger 2 and that is were his plane was. When we go to hanger 2 he started to put fuel in his plane and then he started it up. When I was getting in I seen the guards running to hanger 2 so I told him to get us going. When we pulled out of the hanger the guards started shooting at us and Old Man Jack got us off the ground heading to the little settlement.

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Lost Forever (Chapter 10)
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